Your Key to Effortless Real Estate Success

Juggling client demands, personal duties, and relentless tasks can be exhausting. With HANDLD, reclaim 15 hours per transaction and focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.

Our Team HANDLD 3,000+ Transactions in 2022

Discover the HANDLD difference: our time-tested and flexible systems designed to support your success, whether you’re closing a hundred homes a year or just a few. We adapt to your business needs, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and a tailor-fit approach that aligns with your goals.

Gain Time

Gain Freedom

Let our expert coordinators handle the fine details of closing, from paperwork to scheduling. Reclaim your hours and focus on what truly matters – connecting with clients and growing your business.

Seamless Compliance

0% Stress

Our coordinators ensure every ‘i’ is dotted, ‘t’ crossed, meeting all deadlines and compliance rules. Rest easy with mitigated risks, smooth transactions, and an impeccable reputation.

ElevateD Client


With our coordinators managing the contract-to-close process, your clients enjoy a seamless and transparent transaction journey. Boost your client satisfaction and turn happy customers into brand advocates.

Reclaim Your Freedom with HANDLD.

Remember the dreams that drew you to real estate? The financial freedom, travel, a break from the rat race, and a flexible schedule?

Yet, here you are, burdened by long hours, questioning where your freedom went.

No more.

At HANDLD, we’re committed to restoring your time and energy, helping you regain the life you envisioned. Let us handle the details. It’s time to embrace the freedom you deserve.”


Consistent communication with buyer / seller clients

Consistent communication with lenders, title, and co-operating agents

Standing file downloads with agent clients

Managing contract deadlines and ensuring timeliness with removing contingencies

Coordinating and scheduling inspections

Coordinating and scheduling appraisals

Coordinating and scheduling final walk throughs and closings

Ordering home warranties and sending to title companies

Confirming title and lender commitment

Preparing and executing all contract addenda after binding contract is received

Collecting E-Signatures for contract documents and addenda

Auditing, organizing, and ensuring files are state compliant and brokerage specific documents

Completing agent commission breakdown sheets for brokerages

Providing utility and moving resources to buyer clients

Providing professional vendor recommendations to agents and buyer / seller clients

Ensuring buyer/seller client is well informed of transaction every step of the way

Reviewing and auditing Settlement Statements prior to closing

Helping with client education and answering questions

Setting up agent buyer and seller templates so service fee is charged to clients

And Much More…